Cocoa Butter Substitute Products

Widely Used in Confectionery Industry

Cocoa butter is an edible vegetable fat, extracted from cocoa bean and has distinct texture and flavour. Owing to its unique taste and flavour, this product is mainly used in chocolates and other confectioneries. More often than not, it is included in cosmetics, ointments and pharmaceutical products as well. Manufacturers of candies and chocolates are now in search of some healthier alternatives, which are cheaper in price and can be moulded and melted easily. Some of the confectionery industries have already started using different vegetable oils as the substitute for cocoa butter. Cocoa butter substitutes are partially hydrogenated fat products and are definitely healthier than the real ones. Like the original product, the substitutes are also able to impart similar colour and taste to chocolates and candies, if used properly.

The cocoa butter substitute manufacturers supply three types of alternatives: cocoa butter substitute (CBS), cocoa butter replacement (CBR) and cocoa butter equivalents (CBE). Cocoa butter substitute producers use coconut oil or palm kernel for making sweet dishes. Unlike the cocoa butter, the substitutes are easier to handle for they melt at higher temperature and do not crystallise even after overcooking. Cocoa butter replacers include the organic oils for chocolate manufacturing. The consistency of the organic oils is adequate for mixing with chocolate liquor to increase the flavour and richness of chocolate. This variety also includes palm oils, cotton seed oils and soy bean oils as alternatives of the cocoa butter. Each of these products can mix up with 20% of other fats. Cocoa butter equivalent is most beneficial among all the alternatives in terms of nutrition and fat content. These are comparatively cheaper in price and have no upper limit of fat content to be mixed with. The equivalents are widely used in making candies, chocolates and other sweet dishes. Palm oil and shea butter are the two most common examples of cocoa butter equivalents.

Many of the cocoa butter substitute exporters supply standard range of products, along with the customised speciality fats to fulfil specific requirements of the clients. These speciality fats are able to replace the use of cocoa butter in chocolate manufacturing industry either completely or partially, and are used for moulding, filling or coating the confectionery products. Sometimes the cocoa butter substitutes are also used for making ice creams. The cocoa butter substitute traders supply the list of solid fat content profiles and melting points for different types of substitute products. This allows the manufacturer to decide the type of moulding, coating or filling to be done. The ultimate goal for the manufacturers is to determine the right balance of the substituted products by trial and error method, without compromising with the taste and quality of the confectionery items.

The popularity of cocoa butter substitute products is gradually increasing all over the world, because of their lesser expense and greater health benefits. Many of the cocoa butter substitute suppliers export the products to both national and international clients. Other than chocolates and candies, these substitutes are used in making chocolate caramels, chewing gums, as replacement for dairy butter in butter scotch and many other chocolate flavoured products. Cocoa butter substitute manufacturers make the products of different grades, from which confectionery owners can select as per their specific requirements.